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What CKI Participants Are Saying:

“I love these classes. They're enjoyable! They're fun! It's a refreshing way to learn! I've learned a lot and I've been able to retain a lot of what I've learned without having to drill through paradigms and hundreds of vocabulary words. And the most important thing is that I do it in a safe environment. One of the things that distinguishes CKI from other classically academic courses is that you're allowed to make as many mistakes as you need to, to properly learn the material.”C. Kovack
“I would recommend this course for any student serious about picking up the Greek language and studying the Greek New Testament....I found that it was a good pace and Michael is a patient and caring instructor, and it spurred my interest in continuing on and I hope that you will consider it.”M. Aldas
“One thing I love is that Michael brings a sense of professionalism partnered with humor and I just think that that's so important in a learning environment, to feel loose, to feel comfortable, etc...This my friends is learning a language! We're immersing ourselves in the language and I love that.”K. Willems
“I've taken many online college courses and I can vouch that CKI not only meets the standard of the online classes that I've taken in the past, but surpasses many of them...At CKI you feel like you're in this together with the other students...I can't recommend CKI enough!”J. Salmen
“I enrolled in CKI courses because I wanted to be able to read the New Testament in its original language...But it bothered me that all the Greek teachers didn't care about the original pronunciation and they taught the langauge very mechanically, like it was a code and not a language...If you want to study biblical Greek take CKI classes. This is by far the best way I've seen to learn the language.”A. Henrie
“I found myself realizing that I wanted to know Greek better...yet because I live abroad, I couldn't study Greek in a traditional classroom context. CKI let me overcome both of these hurdles...I would encourage everyone who wants to get excited about learning Koine Greek in an innovative and effective way, to check out CKI!”D. Eads
“I heartily recommend Michael Halcomb's online Conversational Koine course. If you've had a lot of experience with reading ancient Greek, this will only strengthen what you've already got. If you don't, it's a great place to begin.”B. Hoffstetter
“Halcomb’s teaching method is on the cutting-edge of Greek pedagogy...he teaches his students just as the ancients would have.”J. Day
“After taking the Greek1 class, I noticed a real improvement in reading comprehension and speed; the ability to stay in the language and not just decode the text into English. Written composition was much easier after taking the class as well. The words I wanted to write were available to me without struggling...The most exciting thing about learning Koine using a conversational approach is time efficiency. The increase in skill in the language is very rapid....Michael is an energetic and creative teacher and has developed a curriculum that is as enjoyable to engage in, as it is stimulating to thought in Koine Greek.”R. Smith
“There are three groups of people that I would recommend CKI to: 1) Those who know Koine Greek in a traditional way but are dissatisfied with their current proficiency in the language and want to get much better at it; 2) Those who have tried to learn Koine in a traditional method but haven't been able to pull it off or have given up because it was too complicated; 3) Those who have never tried to learn Greek because it has scared them or they've never had the chance...but they want to learn the language. If you fit into any of those categories, I think you'd really like to check out CKI.”J. Muller
“What CKI impressed upon me was that there is a fundamental difference learning to just recognize and translate the language of the New Testament and learning how to speak and even think in the language...I would recommend CKI to anyone, whether you have no formal background in Greek or lots of it. The content and format of the classes are so flexible that regardless of your background you can benefit from classes with CKI.”J. Los
“Michael is a fantastic instructor and I enjoyed his courses immensely. His approach to teaching is engaging, inspirational, and informative. Greek class has often been the highlight of my day, and I look forward to it all week long. I would definitely recommend CKI to anyone interested in truly learning Koine Greek.”M. Baker
“By far it (CKI) has exceeded my expectations in that it equips me to think and engage with Koine Greek in the language itself...In my opinion, no course is so cleverly structured in incremental learning in the conversational style as what CKI offers.”V. Jones
“I cannot imagine a more enthusiastic, engaging, and encouraging Greek instructor than Michael Halcomb. His commitment to the subject matter and to his students are everywhere apparent in what he does. His dedication to excellence in Greek instruction is exemplary. I highly recommend him to laity wanting to learn Greek, pastors wanting a refresher course, and professors wanting training in Conversational Koine and its instruction.”F. Long
“Michael Halcomb is doing great things for the living language movement with the Conversational Koine Institute.”S. Carnazzo
“Since I've been in this class...I have started reading my GNT again and notice that I can 'hear' the language. I desire to be a faithful teacher and this class has been a huge encouragement in that regard. Thanks for making a reasonable and affordable forum to pursue a Greek renewal (for busy church planters).”C. Graham
“The best thing about this class is that you're using the Greek language to learn Greek. I learned Greek vocabulary and grammar by speaking Greek and listening to Greek being spoken. What's more, it wasn't from a recording, but took place in a live environment with other people who were at the same level I was! Fantastic!”J. Priest
“I loved Michael Halcomb's Greek 1 class. He has great knowledge of the language along with amazing energy and passion in his teaching. From session one everyone was engaged and was speaking Greek. Whether or not you've had any Greek, this class benefits students of all levels.”A. Noriel
“Although I had studied Greek for a number years using traditional learning methods, I still struggled with memorizing certain words and passages in that language. However, learning Greek conversationally has increased my ability to interact both with and in Greek. I encourage anyone—of any skill level—to take Halcomb’s Conversational Koine classes. You won't be disappointed!”W. Graham
“In Michael Halcomb’s class you will learn Greek not as a nearly endless set of tedious paradigms to be memorized by rote but as a living, breathing language that is rich and enjoyable to study.”K. Gregory
“Whether you need to refresh, review, or are just starting, Michael's approach is an excellent way to ’Get Greek!’D. Buchanan
“I knew that if I could think more like a native speaker, I could understand the nuances of the text when I read. The innovative teaching style employed in CKI and the enthusiasm of my teachers and classmates made logging on for class the highlight of my week. The process is painless! And now, reading a passage that would have taken me hours to decipher with a dictionary takes me minutes to enjoy with a cup of coffee.”R.J. Parsons
“I enjoyed Michael's class a great deal. He is an enthusiastic and capable teacher. This is a new way of learning Greek for me and it can only help me in my studies. I'm looking forward to the next level.”M. Mueller
“I have enjoyed being taught by a master.”G. de Majewski
"CKI really exceeded my expectations...I didn't think I'd understand the Greek language as much as I do now!"P. Doyle
"I have taken Greek in seminary and in Bible college, but this experience was vastly different. While I learned much in the classroom, CKI's program was quicker, more natural, and more memorable than a traditional approach. I'm thankful, too, for seeing how a unique and interactive pedagogy can work for a "dead" language as I look toward teaching in the future."C. Harrington
"Michael takes complex material and makes it unintimidating and fun. He builds our confidence by giving us exposure to unfamiliar grammatical constructions through silly stories using props from his kids' toy chest without expectation of our immediate mastery. And when it is time to master that material, it is no longer so intimidating."C. Gottfried
"The CKI classes are a great intuitive way to learn Koine Greek that is in line with how the human brain actually processes language. The classes are enjoyable and engaging and you will find yourself picking up aspects of the language that you didn't realize you were being taught. It’s a great way to dive into Greek and let it embed itself in your mind. I definitely recommend CKI for those who want to get Greek!"D. Meade
"I have studied Koine Greek for years. However, I found after a few weeks of classes with CKI that so much of the language was feeling more natural to me. I was remembering new vocabulary words with a much greater ease than I had experienced in the past and words that I had read numerous times in the past, but sometimes struggled to remember, were now simply a part of my thinking. I loved the classes and can't wait for Greek 2."T. Wood
“Halcomb is a born teacher, whose love of Greek is palpable in every session. His knowledge of Scripture and Greek grammatical terms is truly remarkable.”P. Owens
"Learning Greek with Michael Halcomb was fun and accessible. I could take what I learned in class and have a blast teaching much of it to my children. I recommend it to my friends because I want them to enjoy it with me!"A. Shafofaloff
“Immersion based approaches to language learning often fail from the outset because they refuse to incorporate English or grammatical discussions into the language learning event. CKI avoids this pitfall by using Koine Greek to talk about Greek. This provides students with the benefits of an immersive approach, and the grammatical foundation that adult second language learners need to quickly and effectively learn a new language. If you came away from learning Koine Greek the traditional way and would like to try again, Halcomb's CKI classes are a great place to reignite your desire to learn Greek. CKI offers students the opportunity to learn Koine Greek through immersion while providing them with the exegetical and grammatical tools needed to properly handle the biblical text.”J. Cerone
“I like CKI because it is unlike any other Koine Greek classes I have ever had before. It is not just about memorizing vocabulary and paradigm charts. You actually learn the language online while interacting with the instructor and classmates; you learn to speak, read, write, translate, and love the language! The language just sinks into you and the vocabulary pops up in your head during the week. The classes are fun and you get to meet people with the same interest in learning Koine Greek, people who are not there just to fulfill a requirement. Also, you are learning the language from a master, who is so passionate about the language and absolutely enthusiastic about teaching others. This is the way Koine Greek should be taught!”C. Siu
“Experiencing Koine Greek (the language of the New Testament) as a spoken language has made me more aware of the living cultures behind the text. The Bible has added vibrancy and texture for me now that I have spoken some of its language myself. Halcomb is enthusiastic and delights when students gain new insights. It was so exciting in the class when we told a whole story in Greek for the first time!”I. Allen
“After taking the online Koine class with Michael Halcomb from the Conversational Koine Institute, I can say that I have learned to think and speak in Koine Greek. We have spoken, written, listened to stories, and discussed passages from the New Testament - all in Koine Greek. I liked Michael’s use of props to make the class more interesting and fun. I plan to take all of the courses offered by CKI so I can gain greater fluency in the language.”J. Diaz
“Halcomb's Conversational Koine Course helped me realize just how overly-technical my engagement with Greek had become. Indeed, it has been said that most of us never really read Greek but instead we quickly decode it into English as we go. Now, I am actually beginning to think in Greek as I read!”C. Dixon
“Studying with Michael Halcomb has been key to improving and solidifying my understanding of biblical Greek. Michael’s method brings you into a deeper understanding of Greek by moving beyond reading into thinking and speaking the language. Whether you’re just beginning or you’ve studied for years, the conversational method will improve your competency in the language of the New Testament.”M. O'Reilly
“Michael runs an efficient class, getting through the required material each session while still making time to answer questions. He also exercises an easy going sense of humor which makes the classes enjoyable. An hour goes by in no time.”J. Oien
Michael's classes are very beneficial for learning Greek...they're fun too. His Modules are especially helpful for beginners as well.”S. Farkas
“I had never studied Greek before taking Michael's Greek 1 Class through CKI. I was concerned about being the only one with no previous knowledge of the language, but Michael is a great teacher. He keeps things fun, makes sure each student is engaged in the lesson, and by the end of the course I had learned far more than I had dared to hope that I could. I'm looking forward to continuing with more of the CKI courses.”J. Neyhart
“Halcomb’s Greek class is just what I needed! He teaches with an encouraging attitude of patience and humor. Each lesson is fresh and lively...”M. Murphree
“As a student of Greek for multiple years in a standard classroom style of learning, Conversation Koine helped me to internalize the language in a way that reading alone could not – beyond my growing ability to hear and speak Greek comfortably, I've also noticed a marked increase in being able to read Greek and understand it without an internal translation to English!”A. Gold
“The Conversational Koine Institute...I highly recommend it! If you've never learned Greek in a conversation style, you are missing out! Michael Halcomb is awesome.”K. Harrison
“Halcomb's class is a unique opportunity to learn the Koine Greek as a living language. If your goal is to add Greek as a functional tongue for communication, it's definitely worth it to sign up for his course and to spend the next few weeks conversing out loud in Greek with Halcomb and fellow students.”J. Eidsath
“I enjoyed the class and was challenged to learn...I have never studied Greek and your format and style made learning a lot of fun for me!”B. Spain
“Thanks so much for guiding me through Greek 1 and 2! I have learned a lot and benefited from your knowledge and resources. You have opened up a wonderful new world for me to explore God's ’Good News’!”M. Kennedy
“Even though I read Greek well, CKI Greek 1 gave me a great opportunity to speak meaningful Greek from the very first lesson. Michael is a skilled and enthusiastic instructor, and I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in a fresh and effective way to learn Greek.”S. MacDonald
“Halcomb's Conversational Koine class is an engaging and interactive way to learn and solidify your Greek knowledge. Michael keeps it fun by acting out stories and using puppets and other props. I was amazed at how much I was able to learn in every one hour class.”D. Lowe
“As a pastor, much of what I do involves the study of Scripture. The Conversational Koine Institute not only helped me relearn the language, but I also was able to do so from anywhere in the world! Michael is very helpful and enthusiastic. The class is always fun and encouraging. I highly recommend the course to all busy pastors who wish to retain/relearn the language.”E. Ho

Some Hallmark Features of CKI

The Conversational Koine Institute is not only fun, as the testimonials above indicate, it is also trusted and life-giving. Here are just a handful of the key features that make it worth your time to be part of this growing language-learning community:

You can take 100% of the classes online.

long as you have a good internet connection you can join class from your computer, phone, tablet, or other device.

Year-Round Offerings

Unlike many academic institutions, the Conversational Koine Institute offers classes and events throughout the year. We have weekday and weekend classes, weekend immersion workshops, and more so that there are always learning opportunities for you.

Worthwhile Education

CKI's curricula are structured to help you measure up! We're saying "So long!" to the old hat language classes that lacked long-term effects and offering something fresh, new, and linguistically invigorating.

Save Time & Money

There's no need to spend exorbitant amounts of money or time! CKI offers incredible rates and maximizes your time in the language learning process.

Global Reach

The Conversational Koine Institute continues to establish a global presence. Students from across the world, in places like Brazil, Mongolia, India, Germany, Tanzania, Trindad and Tobago, and more have participated or are particpating in CKI courses.

Teaching is an Art

And for that reason CKI is founded on a strong language learning principles and pedagogy. Everything done, is done with students in mind first. We take language teaching and learning seriously but have fun doing so.

How It Works

Most of CKI's classes and events are hosted in a live, online environment via webcam. This means we can connect with others around the world in real time. It's as simple as this:

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4. Have Fun Learning