About CKI

About CKI

The Conversational Koine Institute, founded by Dr. T. Michael W. Halcomb, exists to help people learn languages, especially ancient languages. When it first started in 2011, CKI offered conversational Koine Greek courses only. These classes continue to be the cornerstone of the institute even as the institute has expanded. On the ancient side of things, CKI now offers classes in Classical Hebrew, Ancient Aramaic, Classical Latin, and Sanskrit. In terms of modern langauges (The list is always growing! If you'd like to be considered in the role of an instructor, use the form below to get in touch.), CKI offers English, Spanish, German, French, Greek, and Amharic.

Part of the philosophy of CKI, which is grounded in solid language-learning theory, is that when paired with hearing, speaking is not just a quick tool to help learners "memorize," but rather, a tried-and-true approach that helps them "internalize" a language. That, by the way, makes it much more fun than the rote memorization of vocab words! When one takes this kind of approach, languages come alive! At CKI we strive to bring languages to life for learners, which is part of the reason we're fond of saying, at CKI "We Are Living Language!"

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