Jan-Mar 2021 Schedule

All classes meet live online via Zoom. If the scheduled times do not work for you, contact us about purchasing the recorded sessions. Unlimited viewing of recorded sessions is included in the course cost. Access lasts for 6 months after the course ends, allowing for constant review.




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The biblical Hebrew reading course (Saturdays, 1 hour) is taught by Joseph Justiss, a graduate of Polis Institute in Jerusalem. Joseph will provide Comprehensible Input in Hebrew, using the language as a real vehicle for communication. The goal is to help students acquire and internalize Hebrew which will eventually lead to fluent reading of texts.


In the first half of each class, Joseph speaks to and interacts with students in Hebrew using activities inspired by TPRS. Joseph supplies linguistic support to ensure low stress and ease of interaction.


In the second half of class, students read actual biblical texts and discuss them in English and Hebrew. Joseph provides some explicit grammar instruction as grammatical features are encountered in texts. A sample of the kind of activities used in class can be found on Joseph's YouTube channel.

If you want to join the readings class but have not taken any classes with Joseph, you can purchase 6 months access to the videos of levels I and II. 

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Classical Hebrew I

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Classical Hebrew II

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Hebrew Readings

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Jan/9-Mar/21            11am-12pm EST

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